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Dance like nobodys watching you

We also want to see our dance heroes in action on screen with all the daily struggles that ordinary people go through. They are people just like you and me.

We produce a dance reality soap series ourselves! Contact us if you can do something for us!

Reality soap series

  1. A script or story idea: This is the foundation of your movie and will dictate the characters, plot, and overall structure of your film.

  2. A budget: Depending on the scale of your movie, you will need to secure funding through investors, studios, or other sources to cover production costs such as salaries, equipment, and special effects.

  3. A cast and crew: You will need actors to bring your characters to life and a team of professionals to handle various aspects of production such as directing, cinematography, sound design, and editing.

  4. Equipment: You will need cameras, lighting, sound recording equipment, and other tools to capture and create your movie.

  5. Locations: You will need to secure locations for filming, whether it be on a sound stage or on location in the real world.

  6. Marketing and distribution: Once your movie is complete, you will need a plan for promoting it and getting it in front of audiences, whether through theatrical release, streaming services, or other channels.